5 Ideas for Guys to Get the Wild Look This Halloween

So, finally, the spookiest month of the year has arrived. The countdown has already begun and very soon the day of Halloween will arrive. What makes this day so much fun, especially for the double layered silk lashes, is the theme parties. Going out like a living dead and scaring the hell out of everyone is something that everyone looks forward to.

double layered silk lashes
double layered silk lashes

Lsorn Have you started preparing for the day, already? Do you want to have the scariest look at the party this year? Then, this article is for you.

With all the fun and excitement, comes a lot of confusion. Everyone wants to don the widest and the scariest look, but the first question that arises is that exactly how can it be done? So here are some of the ideas that can help you get ready in the way you want to.

Halloween Costume
Choose the costume or look that has some scary story related to it. For instance, batman costume and ‘carry me’ pants are very popular, but they will not scare anyone. However, just the name of zombie, Dracula or vampire is enough to give you goosebumps. So, choose the theme of your outfit as well as double layered silk lashes appropriately and half your work will be done.

Focus on your eye makeup
You must have seen this in movies that special emphasis is laid on the facial expression of the horror characters. Your eye makeup contributes a lot to your facial expressions. So, apply heavy makeup on your eyes. Apply a thick layer of base on your entire face and then paint it with white, red or whatever color you feel like. Don’t hesitate in using mascara and eyeliners. You can even use paints and face colors, but these chemicals may be harmful. So, it is better to use these makeup items. You can even find the Halloween contact lenses in the market. These lenses can make you feel just like a freak.

Feel wild to look wild
Your feeling reflects on yours face. So, in order to look wild, you will have to feel wild from within. Try the sexy style of men’s underwear like thongs, bikinis and jockstraps. It takes your confidence and excitement to the next level. Wearing something sexy and exotic down there is the best way to feel wild and ultimately look wild.

Accessorize your costume
Accessories play an essential role in making or breaking the look of a person. So, you will have to accessorize your Halloween costume appropriately. Use artificial teeth, blood stains and fake fingernail. As mentioned above eye double layered silk lashes is an important aspect. This makes the use of contact lenses a must. Mess up your hair and apply colors. However, oil your hair properly, so that, the chemicals are not in their direct contact. You can use dark markers to show bullet holes and wound marks on the various parts of your body. Blood running down your face and arms can make anyone sick easily.

Use scary colors
Colors like white, black and red are the most used ones during this event. You can even try some unique ones like dark purple and orange. Traditionally Halloween is celebrated after sunset so you can even sparkles as their shine will add to the spookiness of the event.

double layered silk lashes
double layered silk lashes

Here are some of the basic idea for you to pull out the scariest and the wildest look. However, there is no limit to the double layered silk lashes. You can always add innovation and creativity to your look. So, go out, get ready for Halloween in a unique way and loads of spooky fun.

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