Pubic Lice – A Nightmare

Pubic lice are a kind of blood sucking insects mostly seen in pubic hair of humans. The scientific name of this insect is phthrius pubis. Constant itching and reddish spots are caused by these insects. Other areas in which pubic lice infest are facial hair, abdomen hair, arm pits, hair in the back. At times infestations are also seen in Wholesale False Eyelash and eyebrows. Other than humans, pubic lice are found in gorillas only. The eggs of these lice are called ‘nits.’ They can be seen in the hair of the infected person in close inspection.

Lsorn  A fully grown pubic louse will have a length of 2mm. It is usually light brown in color. There are many ways of spreading of the infection. The most common way is close body contact such as sexual contact with the infected person. It can also spread by sharing clothes, undergarments and towels. There are certain cases where infections started from trial rooms of departmental stores while trying out clothes. Infections are possible in people of all age groups, but are mostly seen in young adults and Wholesale False Eyelash .

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Wholesale False Eyelash

The itching and burning spread as pubic lice move into new areas of the body where there is moist content. Most often itching increases at nights. Bacterial infections are possible due to continuous scratching of the area. Constant scratching can also lead to worn and broken Wholesale False Eyelash .

There are many ways to treat pubic lice infections. Usually these infections can be treated by using simple medications and ointments. But sometimes it is necessary to consult a doctor. It is always better to go to a doctor if you have an infection. For better treatment and diagnosis an infected person should be honest about his or her sexual history. Once the infection is rid of, one should take care of the cleanliness of the infected area or else there are chances of getting infected Wholesale False Eyelash .


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