How to Get a Woman Into Bed Using the Push-Pull Principle

When I was new to the dating game, I found it impossible to escalate from being the guy who approaches a girl to being the guy she goes home with at the end of the night. I kept wondering how other guys do it. Soon enough, I saw a pattern in the usual man-woman interaction that isn’t immediately evident to a private label 3D mink lashes .

You see, at a certain point of the conversation, a woman decides whether or not she’s attracted to the man or not. It’s like a switch is turned on and she instinctively knows that she’s going to be under him and shouting his name before private label 3D mink lashes .

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private label 3D mink lashes

Lsorn  What happened? What will make a woman think “I want to sleep with this guy” while she’s in a conversation with you? Getting a woman in bed is, in a sense, a direct measure of the attraction and rapport you managed to build up to that point when she thinks you’re the guy who can rock her world.

How to Get a Woman into Bed Using the Push-Pull private label 3D mink lashes

Step 1. Pull

There’s a kind of flirting that immediately gets a girl curious. You can start with exchanging glances, then moving towards her and continuing the conversation you started with your first eye lock. Everything you talk to her about from that point onward must be designed to make her feel curious, mystified. When you trigger curiosity in a woman, she will not start behaving differently around you.

The initial conversation and the rest of the interaction that follows will also be different. Not only will you be able to put her in a position to keep on seeing you in a different light compared to all the men in the room, you will also be able to crank up the sexual tension that has been brewing from the moment she felt curious about you.

Link hands with her, or find a reason to touch her. You can pretend that an eyelash fell on her cheek and you’re removing it, or you can pull her toward you when someone in the crowded club passes by directly behind her. These actions make her more aware of having you near. It also gives her an idea of how warm your skin feels on private label 3D mink lashes .

Step 2: Push

You can flirt with her all night as described above, but here’s a warning… doing some serious flirting might make it seem like you’re TOO interested, which is something that turns a woman off. The objective is to convey through your actions that you want her while avoiding desperation and needy behavior. You got her hooked on your flirting, but it doesn’t stop there.

At this point, you can apply the principle of “pushing”

Give her a look that says you want her. Don’t hold back and make it intense enough that she juices up. Then when the eye contact breaks, act nonchalant like nothing happened. This will throw her off for a while and make her doubt her initial thought that you want her. While you were gazing at each other, she KNEW for sure that you’re into her. But suddenly, she’s not so sure.

private label 3D mink lashes
private label 3D mink lashes

This method will boost attraction by making the woman feel she needs to keep your attention. She wants to know for sure that you’re into her, and your cool behavior is driving her crazy. At the very least, she won’t be able to take her eyes off you the whole night.

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