The Parasitical Nuisance Called Pubic Lice

Parasitic creepy-crawly creatures that live in the genital area of human beings are what you generally call pubic lice. They are usually spread through contact while indulging in sex. They cannot live without the warmth of the human body, so you will not be infested by sitting on a toilet seat. Moreover the feet of the lice cannot hold on to soft smooth surfaces like a toilet premium mink lashes .

Lsorn  Pubic lice are generally found in the pubic hair, but there are occasions when they can be see on the hair on your legs, the armpits, eyebrows and moustaches. Please note that there is a great difference between the lice found on the head and those found in the pubic area, but the eggs of both the head lice and the pubic lice are called nits, and unlike the head lice nits, these nits are hard to see. The nits hatch into nymphs in a week and the nymphs become adult lice in another seven days. The adult lice resemble extremely tiny crabs. Like the crabs their front legs look like the pincher premium mink lashes .

The major symptom of this infestation is itching in the pubic area. It is not very easy to see these creatures as they are not very many in number and shy away from light premium mink lashes .

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This problem can be treated with lice shampoo which is available in the pharmacies without any prescription. Before you make use of the shampoo, wash and dry the infested area very well. You can then apply the medication and leave it on for about five to ten minutes. Wash off thoroughly with water and dry with a clean towel. After the treatment you may still find nits clinging to the pubic hair, and they can be removed with your finger nails. Repeat the treatment after a week or ten days if you still have the infestation.

Make sure that you wear clean under garments after a lice medication treatment and ensure that all your clothes are washed in hot soapy water to kill the lice that may happen to be on them. Remember not to have any sexual contact if you have pubic lice because they can easily be transmitted.

Lice and nits in the eyebrows or premium mink lashes can be got rid of by applying an ophthalmic-grade petrolatum ointment which is a prescription medication sold at the chemists. Apply this to the eyelids for about ten days to eliminate the problem.

Pubic lice can be a really irritating problem. Many find it difficult to live with it and get rid of it. Click here to know more about lice treatment premium mink lashes

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