Secret Beauty Makeup mink fur eye lashes wholesale Tricks

This article reveals to you some hidden secrets you have long been waiting for, based on some Secret makeup tricks that will give you a more captivating look and appearance your mink fur eye lashes wholesale

customink fur eye lashes wholesale
mink fur eye lashes wholesale

Lsorn 6 helpful tips you need to Know for Secret Beauty makeup tricks:

o Use of lip gloss- Use clear lipgloss over your eye lids after applying your eye shadow. This will keep your eye make up on and also it will catch the light and make your eyes look more illuminated. Also, lining your eyes makes them look bigger.

o Use of multi-Purpose minerals- You can also use multi-purpose minerals on your lips for a unique lip color that lasts all day. Use a Q-tip to apply the minerals. Smack your lips together. Then put clear lip gloss on over it. This darkens the color of the minerals a little and sets to look like lipstick. This method can last over 8 hours and still make you look fresh.

o Fat mink fur eye lashes wholesale: Apply mascara, dust with powder(& let dry), apply Mascara, dust with powder(&let dry)…..repeat. (Professional advisory: Only do this with mascara you can afford to toss soon, as you’re introducing traces of powder into the mascara tube.

o Training Wheels”: An old business card is wonderful for putting on mascara. Gently hold it at the base of your mink fur eye lashes wholesale while applying mascara, this way you will not get Mascara onto the surrounding Makeup, or skin. I assure you’ll get much better results when this method is applied.

o Use Of Powder- Powder your eyes and eyelashes before applying makeup. It stops your eye shadow from coming off and creasing in the middle. The powder also attaches to your eye mink fur eye lashes wholesale and makes them thicker when apply mascara.

customink fur eye lashes wholesale
mink fur eye lashes wholesale

o Use Of Concealer- A good tip for ensuring that lipstick stays put is to use concealer on clean lips, outline lips with a lip pencil, fill in with lip colour, blot lips with a tissue and re-apply lipstick again. I find that the lip colour tends to last for much longer when this procedure is adhered to.


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