Three Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy Another Beauty Product

Like many women, and perhaps like you, I’ve wasted time and money buying products that didn’t live up to their mink eye lashes, reacted badly with my skin or just plain didn’t suit me. I was an early starter when it came to using skin care and cosmetics, having suffered with problem skin since age nine and my mother a representative for various skin care and cosmetic companies during my childhood. I had a skin care regime when I was primary school/elementary school-age and, starting with my attempts to conceal and correct my bad skin, have worn foundation almost daily since I was 11.

mink eye lashes
mink eye lashes

Lsorn Over the years I’ve tried many different skin care and mink eye lashes products. Some were OK (But I couldn’t actually see any results), some were dreadful (And caused havoc with my skin!) and by chance I’ve found others that have been fantastic. But chance or a “fingers crossed” approach will do you a huge disservice and won’t help you at all in finding the best solutions for your skin and beauty – it certainly didn’t help me.

But now, with experience as a consumer and professional in the beauty industry, I ask these Three Questions when shopping for beauty items. Because I ask these Questions, I no longer get frustrated or stuck with unsuitable or disappointing products. If you ask them too, you’ll be able to trust yourself to make decisions when it comes to enhancing your own beauty. There are some worthwhile and fabulous skin care and beauty items out there!

Here are the Three Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy A Beauty Product:

1) Will it suit my mink eye lashes type (for skin care) or complement my colourings (for cosmetics)?

2) Do I know how to use it and (if you’re unsure) will someone teach me so I can get the most
benefits from the product and do it for myself in the future?

3) If it still doesn’t suit me, can I return it for a full refund even when it’s opened?

By asking these questions and getting positive answers, you’ll do yourself a huge favor when it
comes to shopping for beauty products. You’ll find yourself armed with the tools and confidence to
put your best face forward on every occasion. Save yourself time, money and stress by discovering your skin type, what colors work best to highlight your eyes, how to apply cosmetics to balance your face and eye shape and what trends you can embrace.

Need help answering these questions? Visit the website below for a beautiful education.

mink eye lashes
mink eye lashes

Lillybeth is a mink eye lashes artist/coach and beauty consultant based in Tauranga, New Zealand. She takes an educational approach to beauty and offers fun, interactive workshops and consultations for women to get the beauty smarts to be confident with cosmetics.

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