Eye Makeup Application Solutions custom mink lashes wholesale

Close set eyes are less than one eye-length apart. If your eyes are too close together, your goal is to make your eyes look further apart by emphasizing the outer edges of the eye with eye makeup. To create the illusion of width, apply color wide, meaning go a little thicker than usual. Start by applying eyeliner thicker (as close to the custom mink lashes wholesale as possible), at outer third of eye, top and bottom. Try a cat- eye for added drama. This extended cat-eye line gives the illusion of a longer eye and it brings the attention to the outer edge of the eye thus making your eyes appear…FURTHER APART!

custom mink lashes wholesale
custom mink lashes wholesale

Lsorn Upper eye eyeliner is a must but lower eyelid liner is optional. This is a matter of preference. One thing you must absolutely avoid is the use of eyeliner on bottom lid only. This will drag the eye down.

Next, with eyeshadow, again, keep color most intense at the far corners of the eyes. The eyeshadow can also be extended just beyond the eye just like your eyeliner. Here are a couple of steps to follow:

1- Brush your light shade first from the inner corner to middle of upper lid, from custom mink lashes wholesale to brow line. Use a vanilla, cream or other light shade here.

2- Use darker eyeshadow shade such as cappuccino, nutmeg or smoke from custom mink lashes wholesale to brow bone. The intensity of this second shade is again, a matter of preference. For a daytime look, choose a color of medium intensity. This can therefore be easily converted to an evening look with a more intense complimentary shade.

Stroke this deep shade from the outer third of the lid to extend just beyond the edge of the eye. Shade from outer corner inwardly. BLEND WELL! With a fresh lid and shading on the outer corner, the darker shading will add incredible dimension to the lids with a bit of lift and extension at the same time.

3- For an extra touch, brush a little highlighter on the brow bone to accent. Also dab a very small amount of highlight color on the inner corner of the eye and consider smudging and extending it around the inner corner of the eye, next to the nose.

custom mink lashes wholesale
custom mink lashes wholesale

If you want to be very THOROUGH, you can even extend the length of brows outward creating the illusion of eyes further apart. Apply mascara on top and bottom custom mink lashes wholesale, with a few extra coats on the outer corners, upper and lower. Apply false custom mink lashes wholesale to be SURE you did EVERYTHING you could to make your eyes look further apart!


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